Nursing and Other Hospital Jobs in Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center

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TitleJob TypeTerm
Respiratory Practitioner II W/ETherapy and RehabilitationFull-time
Technical AnalystInformation TechnologyFull-time
Director of Cardiovascular ServicesDirectors and ManagersFull-time
RN Telemetry FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Day Surgery PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
RN Bone Marrow Transp FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Dir Pediatric Peri OP ServicesNursing Mgmt and AdminFull-time
OB Surgical Tech - Labor and DeliveryNursing SupportFull-time
Surgery Technician IINursing SupportFull-time
CNA Float Pool PRNNursing SupportPRN/Per Diem
Food Service Worker LeadSupervisors, Team Leaders, and CoordinatorsFull-time
Breast Health NavigatorSupervisors, Team Leaders, and CoordinatorsFull-time
Medical Technologist PRNLaboratoryPRN/Per Diem
MRI Tech PRNRadiologyPRN/Per Diem
Dietitian PRN BariatricsFood Services and NutritionPRN/Per Diem
Sonographer IV PRNRadiologyPRN/Per Diem
Medical Technologist EveningsLaboratoryFull-time
RN OR Board Coordinator Day ChargeNursing Mgmt and AdminFull-time
PRN HIM Specialist: PSLAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingPRN/Per Diem
Executive Administrative AssistantAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingFull-time
Executive Director - Colorado Blood Cancer InstituteExecutive and Exec DevelopmentFull-time
Clinical Education Specialist - Emergency RoomEducation, Training, and Professional DevelopmentFull-time
Dietitian PRNFood Services and NutritionPRN/Per Diem
RN PACU PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
RN Oncology FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Day Surgery PT DaysNursing - ProfessionalPart-time
RN Cardiovascular Center PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
Surgery Technician II PEDSNursing SupportFull-time
Respiratory Practitioner II PRNTherapy and RehabilitationPRN/Per Diem
Respiratory Practitioner IITherapy and RehabilitationFull-time
Patient Care Tech Bone Marrow FT DaysClinical Techs - CV, Cath Lab, Surg, Vasc, and Central SterileFull-time
RN Case Mgr PRNCase ManagementPRN/Per Diem
Cat Scan Technician PRNRadiologyPRN/Per Diem
Registered Nurse - Labor and DeliveryNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Stationary EngineerFacilities Mgmt, Plant Ops, and SecurityFull-time
CNA Float Pool FT DaysNursing SupportFull-time
RN Radiology Peds PACU PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
RN Ortho PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
Social Worker III PediatricsBehavioral and Social WorkFull-time
Child Life Specialist FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Technical Analyst IIInformation TechnologyFull-time
Polysomnography Technician IIClinical Techs - CV, Cath Lab, Surg, Vasc, and Central SterileFull-time
Surgery Technician IINursing SupportFull-time
Patient Financial CouncelorFinance, Acctg, Billing, Claims and RevenueFull-time
Food Service Worker Lead PRNSupervisors, Team Leaders, and CoordinatorsPRN/Per Diem
RN Clin Educ Spec Peds periop services PT DaysEducation, Training, and Professional DevelopmentPart-time
EVS Asst PRNEnvironmental ServicesPRN/Per Diem
Radiology ManagerDirectors and ManagersFull-time
Registered Nurse - Mom and BabyNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
COO Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children-Denver, COExecutive and Exec DevelopmentFull-time
OR Materials Coordinator - PSLMaterials Management, Supply Chain and LogisticsFull-time
RN Surg Tele FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Stationary EngineerFacilities Mgmt, Plant Ops, and SecurityPart-time
Social Worker II PRNBehavioral and Social WorkPRN/Per Diem
Sonographer IV WeekendsRadiologyPart-time
Nuclear Medicine Technician Red Rocks Pet ScanRadiologyFull-time
Secretary IV Rehab Sports MedicineAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingFull-time
Oncology Sales Specialist - DenverSales and Business DevelopmentFull-time
RN Emergency RoomNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Scheduler Operating Room 2AAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingFull-time
Scheduler - Colorado Blood Cancer InstituteAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingFull-time
Sonographer IVRadiologyFull-time
RN Super Float Pool FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Registrar Presby/St Luke's (3)Admitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingPRN/Per Diem
Medical TechnologistLaboratoryFull-time
RN Endoscopy PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
RN OR weekends onlyNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Med Surg FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN/ ORNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN OR FT Days/EvesNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Surg Telemetry FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Onc PT Nights 24 hrs WeekendsNursing - ProfessionalPart-time
RN Endoscopy FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
RN Pre Admissions Testing FT Days (32 hrs)Nursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Social Worker II PediatricsBehavioral and Social WorkFull-time
RN/ AM Admissions/ PRNNursing - ProfessionalPRN/Per Diem
RN Med Surg FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Cross Train Radiology TechRadiologyFull-time
Cancer RegistrarAdmitting, Registration, Clerical & SchedulingFull-time
RN PACU FT DaysNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Food Service Worker LeadSupervisors, Team Leaders, and CoordinatorsPart-time
RN Bone Marrow Trans FT NightsNursing - ProfessionalFull-time
Medical Asst Wound Care IINursing SupportFull-time